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Take a look around the recently added shop items to see if anything catches your eye (or your third eye!!)
Starter Apothecary Set in Glass Vials | Beginner Apothecary Set

Start your journey into herbs, rituals, witchcraft, or becoming an apothecary!

You’ll receive the necessary herbs to start your journey, learn a little about the herbs themselves, and get to test them out before you commit to buying any larger bulk of them. No need to waste money on herbs you won’t even use!

**SOLD** “Intuition Rising” | Repurposed Cardboard Spiritual Painting

This beautiful painting was inspired by the words “Intuition Rising” and therefore, it’s name. Gaze into the crystal ball to see all the colors that are contained within it for multi-level depth!

Perfect for spiritual art collectors, intuitive guides, and tarot readers! Original Painting on Repurposed Cardboard with Acrylic Paint and Metallic Accents.

The Light Heart Oracle Deck | Oracle Card Deck

The Light Heart Oracle Deck is a companion deck for tarot cards and tarot readings.

Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate Tarot Reader.

This beautiful deck is bright, airy, and ready to bring you love and light! It’s an intuitive-based deck that will really help your intuition develop while reading the cards.

**SOLD OUT** Kiss-Me Lips | Lip Plumping Sugar Scrub

If you like Cinnamon Sugar with Desserts, Cinnamon Rolls, or on anything else, you’re going to absolutely LOVE this plumping lip scrub!

Tastes so delicious it’ll be hard to not lick it off your lips before it’s done working!

**SOLD** Trauma Relief Bracelets | Rose Quartz Bracelets

Rose Quartz is a light rose pink gemstone that has the coloring of a pink rose petal. It brings many benefits to the one who keeps it’s beauty close. Click the picture to read their healing properties.

Intuitively Chosen Witchy Grab Bag | Mystery Witch Kit

Feel the high-vibrational energy from these chosen items; hear clearer messages through potions, tools, & other items you may possibly get in your grab bag; & see the unique beauty in each item that was specifically chosen for you! Tickle all of your senses with these new items & further develop your personal power through them. Let your spirit guides, higher self, & universe select the items you need.

Witchy Tea Sampler | Psychic Tea | Lucid Dream Tea

This is a must-try for every adventurous witchy tea lover! Feel the energy, enjoy the aromas, & taste the magick! You can also use these in your own potion-making as well. They come as packs of dried herb-blends & work well in spellcasting, rituals, salves, candles, & however you normally use herbs in your practices!

**SOLD** Special Edition Healing Bracelets | Agate, Unakite, or Amazonite

Agate comes in many different colors and types. It has beautiful unique inclusions, including spherical rings in some areas, color changes in another area, etc. Each piece is special! Unakite is a stone that not many people know about. It’s color has beautiful combinations of green with pink inclusions. Sometimes it even gives a floral feeling to the stone itself from the patterns of the inclusions. Amazonite has an ocean-like feel to it with the array of colors it comes in. It’s a stone that catches the rays of sunlight and makes the stone look unreal by making the stone look as if it’s glowing. Click the picture to read their healing properties.

**SOLD** Emotional Trauma & Anxiety Relief Bracelets | Amethyst Healing Bracelets

Amethyst is a purple gemstone with some clear and grey inclusions. Click the picture to read their healing properties.