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Intro to Your Design – Human Design Reading

If you’re ready to learn about your unique energy and understand how to work with it so you start creating more ease and flow into your life, this introductory reading is a great place to begin.

During this session we may cover your Type, Strategy, Signature, Authority, Open Centers, Defined Centers, Your Specific Channels, and some deeper details that are important to your specific chart. What we cover will largely depend on your knowledge of your chart already and where you’d like to delve into.

We also will cover how to use all of this information and actually apply it in your life — so that you can LIVE your design instead of just knowing it.

When you live in alignment, things just feel easier. And that’s what this session really sparks for a lot of clients, the beginning of an easier, more fulfilled life.

If this session is right for you, get started by booking below.

You’ll also receive a recording of the session so you can watch and rewatch as many times as you’d like (most clients find themselves watching it more than 3 times!)