About Us

Limitless Human Design is a learning platform for courses, video trainings, and blog posts to anyone who wishes to learn more about their human design chart through the perspective that you are limitless.

What you can find in the Blog Section:

  • Human Design – Articles focusing mainly on discovering and discussing the aspects of the Human Design chart.
  • Manifestation – Articles focusing on using Human Design to make your manifestation process easier, effective, and fun.
  • Entrepreneurship – Articles about the life experiences of an entrepreneur and tips on how to healthily manage a life of entrepreneurship.

CEO + FOUNDER: Lillith Elaina

Lillith Elaina is a full-time writer, published author, and course creator. She’s a 4/6 Self-Projected Projector and a full-time entrepreneur, with a special focus on Manifestation + Human Design.

She started her Human Design journey back in 2020 and continues to learn more about her own experiment and other nuances of HD every day. Before that, she studied Psychology for over 13+ years and loved talking about the MBTI + Enneagram.

Her life’s mission is to help others understand themselves so they can create a life where freedom is inevitable, naps are optional, and taking time off is the norm.

She also writes a blog, along with having multiple books in production. The blog is Non-Fiction about Entrepreneurship, Self-Help, and Human Design (featured on Limitless Human Design and Medium); the books she writes differ, but some are Self-Help and some are YA Fiction Novels.

She’s written five eBooks on Human Design, created two courses on entrepreneurship, and continues to create content on Manifestation + Self-Mastery with Human Design.

Follow along to get gold nuggets of wisdom to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Business Inquiries

For guest speaking opportunities, commissioned articles, and all other business inquiries, please reach out to Lillith Elaina at lillith@lillithelaina.com.


Any requests relating to the reuse of content for republishing or academic research can be directed to hello@lillithelaina.com.

Requests for marketing or promotional use of content can be directed to hello@lillithelaina.com.

Article Submissions

We do accept guest postings on Limitless Human Design, to help Human Design specialists get seen, get traction, and spread the word about Human Design.

To write for Limitless Human Design, please submit a full article idea, the category you’re interested in writing for, and your portfolio including a screenshot of your Human Design chart (without personal information) for consideration to Lillith Elaina at hello@lillithelaina.com.

All submissions will receive an answer within 72 hours.