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“Human Design is who you were before society told you to be someone else; and it’s time to step back into that core essence so you can be all that you were meant to be.”

– Lillith Elaina

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Energy Levels in Projectors

One of the biggest misconceptions I notice in projectors is that once we find out we’re a “non-energy” type, we take that as we can’t or don’t have energy for…

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fOUNDER: Lillith Elaina

Lillith Elaina is a full-time writer, published author, and course creator. She’s a 4/6 Self-Projected Projector and a full-time entrepreneur, with a special focus on Business + Human Design.

She started her Human Design journey back in 2020 and continues to learn more about her own experiment and other nuances of HD every day. Before that, she studied Psychology for over 13+ years and loved talking about the MBTI + Enneagram.

Her life’s mission is to help others understand themselves so they can create a life where freedom is inevitable, naps are optional, and taking time off is the norm.

Limitless Human Design

Founded in 2021 by Lillith Elaina, Limitless Human Design is a blog for Projectors (+ other types) that want to start living the life of their dreams in alignment with their energy so they don’t burn out.

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